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Procurement Process

Procurement Process

Our procurement forms an important part of our entire process and forms the direct connection to our growers & farmers. This puts us in a position to procure very precisely based on export quality or client specifications.

In Addition to our own farms, Crown Select strives to establish long-term relationships with the growers, so that supply, freshness, and stable prices can always be guaranteed. We have a standing collaboration with a pepper growers in Kenya who grows for Crown Select according to specifications that have been arranged. By making these arrangements we create a smooth overlap between seasons.

This kind of collaboration ensures that we can have control over the availability of certain products. Additionally, it provides a certain protection in the event of a disaster, such as drought or flood.

Another way to continue meeting your needs is by doing our best to have the pepper-growing area grow along with the annual sales at Crown Select. This consists of a combination of early and late planting, so that we can bridge the qualitatively poor season with a suitably fresh products.